Friday, February 4, 2011

finally some SHRED out side the SHED hahahaha!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

 This shot just looks like a beautiful wave huh? 
there just so happens to be a well rounded guy named Darnell,
 smack dab in the barrell of this thing!!!!
Yeah i took these two pictures with my fingers freezing and falling off as the leaves from the trees falling in autumn would, but  it was all worth it to see the looks on the faces of these two grown men, who acted like young frolicking children when looking through the photos that i took.. in all seriousness i was kinda proud of my captures !! take a look below with the lip smack!!!!!
finally was free from blowing black shnots from my nose in that cold dusty garage which dont get me wrong its amazing (yea we got a mini ramp in a garage) but to get to put on that thick wet suit and not be able to feel your limbs while your dropping in on these monsters its just so much dang fun. I couldnt even stay out as long as my pals, they are the true warriors for i am just a lady!!

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