Monday, September 26, 2011

Sunday, September 25, 2011

The most Irish

I found the most Irish man on Irish weekend here in wildwood! Unbelievable, look at that beard

Raven candle skull

Will be done on my companion rob! Gonna be sweet

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Darnells cock2

So I got bored at work today and I drew the cock. I know it looks the same I wanted to see if I could draw it to par now I will draw my own in a different style! Anyone want to get it tattooed?

Darnells cock

Don't get to excited by the title, its just his ceramic cock, but I like it. I forget where he said he found it but I wish I found it first! its actually part of a pair but I didn't take a picture of the pair... Maybe later maybe not at all!


Drew this on drew.. How bout that huh! A little rose, didn't take to long either!

Flower power sleeve

Not finished yet still got alot to do but it really Is coming along! gotta rework some areas and finish others.. A little sneak peek!

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Halloween special!

Hello all, Halloween is a comin and to get into the spirit of fright, you gotta come in and get a horror filled tattoo, because any horror tattoo from now till Halloween is 20% off so what are you waiting for a black cat to cross your path and die! That sounds terrible but I like it!

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Sea monster man!

My sister told me I have to update my blog so I am trying, it's just sometimes hard to do and plus I'm lazy! So here ya go brynn, I started this today and will finish it in about 2 weeks ! I'm excited about this one it's comin along well thanks dan for letting mentattoo it on ya hope your ma don't kill ya

Fleshhhh fruit!

I drew this in honor of the trucks that drive around wildwood selling fresh fruit and always ringing their bell yelling freshhhhh fruit! They are usually Russian guys yelling it so it sounds like flesh fruit, and that's where the drawing came from! I will tattoo this free of charge if someone wants it the email me

Fireman finished

After about 5 or 6 sitings and one earthquake we have finished! I was in the middle of this tattoo when the earthquake hit it was pretty wild ! I think I'll always remember this tattoo now.

Friday, September 16, 2011

Jolie tattin tony

Well she was told to tattoo her name on his hand at 2 in the morning but it turned out lookin more like Jolie ! I remember I put up here a couple weeks ago that I felt honored to tattoo Tony olivas. It turns out anyone can tattoo him if he has enough to drink haha !

We will all miss Tommy painter

Too young, too cool and too awesome to go! Conventions won't be the same without him! You could here him comin a mile away with his big chain on his pants. ALWAYS happy to see ya and made you feel good about yourself cause he was just a nice guy. I wish more people were like him, rest in peace man

Monday, September 12, 2011

Peace love and die

George Harrison reworked... No
More hippie shit he is evil!

Oh the times they are a changin

Young donut and now donut how about that, it makes me chuckle!

My new tattoo

Eric marcynizn ( maybe not correct spelling of last name) did this on my hand and I love it, good job as always thanks mang

Smurf chick

Done at wildwood tattoo convention.. I feel as though I was robbed from tattoo of the day because the one that won had the outline done two weeks ago but I'm bot gonna get into all that jazz haha.. Took about six hours or so still got more to do!!

Shrunken head on large thigh

A tattoo I did at the wildwood tattoo convention on a young fella named Zach... He scares me

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Cover up

This is how the marker scribble came out hope you enjoy it! I'm not completely finished it yet but good enough for now

Marker scribbles

This was a cover up and yes I know it looks like a child just scribbled I use pretty rough stencils.


Just a little drawing I did a while ago. Still need to work on but I'm bored so I put it on here