Monday, July 25, 2011

something new on here!!

now you can comment on pictures even if you're not a member of blogspot, so i want to know what u think of the stuff i put on here thankssss craig!!

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Jazzy Jeff

Nothing like some good tunes with ur buds .. Go find this and get it

Sharks and lightning

This is what happens when me and Darnell want people to leave the beach. We kick them all out, and here is proof!!!! Just kiddin there was lightning and huge great white sharks in the rollers !!!!! We thought this picture was needed cause it was funny.

God of terrible weather

Another wood plank and color pencil. This I think will be a gift to someone! I just don't know who yet! I also broke my phone the other week and couldn't post pictures up for a while, my phone magically fixed itself the other morning so I will be posting like crazyyyyyy!

Heart on wood

I hope u get the title cause it's hilarious . On a wood plank and I used color pencil took me about 2 hours to do it .. One of my favorite pieces.

I want titties!!!!

Tried to talk this young man out of gettin titties but he insisted! This young lad said the funniest thin anyone has ever said while I was tattooing him. "I guess this is what I get for being a bad boy" . He didn't like the feeling of getting a tattoo! Enjoy your titties sir!

Red guy tree frog

Did this on a buddy who now works at our shop only on Saturday's. (pretty sweet schedule) turned out pretty cool didn't take long either

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Cowboy fall down and go boom

I tattooed this a couple months ago and the guy was out for a bike ride and went down,, it looks wild!! To bad I'll probably have to fix it up though

Chest of good and evil healed

Here she is all healed, took I think four or five sittings .. It was awesome to do thoooo

Mexican pride in the flesh

He wanted just one side of his chest done but I had to talk him into the whole thing Cause it Just looks better, I think

Cheetah in the half

Half way done break time, thought it looked funny

RC number two, cheetah head

RC's brother also came in that same day and said he wanted a cheetah head but as real as I could make mister cheetah look. He said cause he is as fast as one he might as well get one on him! Now his one leg will be faster then the other( he got it tattooed on his leg if u didn't know what I meant with the one leg faster then the other)

RC's wolf head

So RC walked in here told me he needed a wolf head on him .. Tried to talk him into a traditional wolf head but he told me no and went with this one, I like it tho it turned out pretty cool

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Damiens chest part 1

He's got soul but he ain't no soldier!!! THIS ONE WAS FUN TO DO

Wedding party shaganza!!

Julio told me I should put this picture up, she wanted to show off her boobs to the world,, so there u go enjoy !!

Damiens chest has soul

I stole this from it was a late night I guess I was in the mood to steal no big woop!!! Well hey I mean it is a picture of myself, am I wrong?