Monday, January 23, 2012

Sleeve workkkk

This and the one above are two sleeves I have started this past week .. I am real excited to work/finish both of them


Did this saturday I think this is the first piece I started and finished in one day in a longgg time so I was excited .. The guy sat like a champ


Freaky medusa.. Just drew it on I still have to add more snakes that was the second sitting !!

An old tattoo new life

Big stans arm!! I am reworking everything and filling in the empty spaces

Bill Murray

That's him !!

Just a tease

Just a little half sleeve I started about a year ago, just got to work on it again I'll have better full pictures up later later

Finished clockwork

This girl was a trooper!! only two sittings can't wait to get healed pictures for ya!