Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Winning award

I won this for a tattoo of a goat he's I did on my friend Ben

Parade of skulls

Always doing skulllllls and i love it

Drunk ratt

Nothing else to say about this except it's a drunk ratt

Scary sky and pirate ship

Arrrrr crazy night on the ship aye!

Evil slut

Yeaaa it's an evil green slut.

All healed up

This chick is all healed and saluting away!! I will get back into it to add some darks

Fox head on Darnell

Got a free asain meal the night I did this thanks to poor quality and good friends!!

Benjamin's freshy

Drew this beast on and tattooed the crap out of it!!!!!

A father portrait

I did this on my buddy who lives down in north Carolina.. His dad recently passed away so we did a little memory tattoo for him!!

Fox tattoo

Done on a tattoo artist from down in Virginia.. I did this on Friday at the Baltimore show. I enjoyed this to the fullest because it's one of my drawings and I love doing my "whole idea" type of tattoo!

Realistic skull

Done at the Baltimore show on Sunday.. It's pretty small but I haven't done realistic color in a while so it was a real blast!! Made me think to myself maybe I'll start doing some more realistic color again. Since I work with some of the best realistic cats around I might as well give it a wackkk!!