Thursday, March 29, 2012

Instagram (the world of pictures)

If you have Instagram, check me out, I tend to update that more often then this blog.

im a shitty blogger if i must say so myself!

so i have been neglecting this internet space because i've been one busy guy, if you could believe that.  here are a few picture from along my travels. this one of the smoking hot native american chick was done at the ink masters tattoo convention out in L.A..  had a lot of fun there, got to see some old friends and met some interesting folk as well!
 i know nobody gives a hoot of a landscape picture taken from an iphone, but i figured i'de put this up just because i walked up this damn hill to look over the terrible city of hollywood, so enjoy the smoggy shot and maybe this will help you realize that L.A. is a dump and depressing! 
 the face is healed and the roses were done right before the picture was taken, still have a lot to do on this but i like the way its turning out so lets all enjoy this one together, shall we?
 an "in the process" shot of a sleeve i am currently working on and i hope to finish in the next few sittings .
 salt lake city snowboarding! snuck out of the tattoo convention on friday with eddy from H2ocean (check out the product, it works very well) and hit the slopes.  best time i had in a long time cant wait to go back next year!
 compilation picture of a rainforest sleeve i am finishing up hope you like it!
 this tattoo was done on stormy simon from the overstock commercials! awesome lady, i had a lot of fun tattooing her, she made me laugh the whole time.  
salt lake city at the bar called jackalope. this was after the bar closed we stayed till about 5 in the morning.... those guys like to drink and party and stay up late, im getting old!!  that some crazy little guy on the left (that i don't know), tony loco, bob tyrrell, and big gus and of course me at the bottom.

Monday, March 5, 2012

Collabo art work

Stole this from Gunnar off Instagram.. Sat around at a table in a Detroit bar and drew this along with Steve winner Gunnar and Sean Herman .. I believe some other people too. Thought it was pretty cool

Ram head

Detroit tattoo convention.. Drove 10 hours through the night no sleep got there just in time to set up.. Finished in 7 and a half hours an I was never do tired in my life.. The last hour of tattooing was rough ! But sleeping that night was great,maybe because I got to sleep next to Steve winner I don't know?!!

Pink elephant

A bass playing winged pink elephant .. Alot of adjectives there.. One sitting on this one.. I'll have better pictures later one day.. I always make this promise but it never happens !!

A bible action shot

Just added a back ground after this picture was taken .. Will have a picture of the whole arm after its healed..

Almost completed octopus

Once I Get through this texture of octopus man I can start adding the coral! And some more back ground .. Can't wait to be done this one