Thursday, December 23, 2010

evil mask meets arm!!!!

 just the marker and pen sketch,had to fill some space on the arm

the way it looked when i added a little bit of ink and a guitar string .....
just messing with ya i used a safety pin 

aliens from sketch to killer

 i drew this on with a litle bit of marker and pen and then....
turned it into a mean and angry GNARLY alien !!!!!

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Just a couple of faces on a couple of male legs

 Roky Erickson, did this one in a sepia tone.  One crazy man on One crazy man,
 meaning the guy who wears Roky is ALMOST just as crazy as Roky!
 Tom Waits, good musicain, mediocre actor
MR. EDGAR ALLEN POE to bad a nancy boy got this on him.
if a real man got it, it would be much cooler.
this was done at the wildwood n.j. tattoo convention 

a few tats in the old dusty archives

 zombie face, my favorite one i have done yet, it took longer then expected but real fun to do!! zombies are probably my favorite thing to tattoo on people, because if you turn into a zombie and you have a zombie tattooed one you thats pretty coolI imagine if you got bite by a zombie and he had a zombie tattooed on him you would appreciate that zombie a little more then just a normal zombie, i think
 a rose i permanently placed on julio, its an i phone picture so the image quality just sucks,
 it turned out nice though
on a dirt named ERICCCC, workin on a little sleeve for him so
 we got some time we still have to put in on it

Monday, November 29, 2010

old lady ragin on steves bearded nose

all of these tattoos were done on one man, the alien and skull were drawn on and then we made them permanent.