Wednesday, November 7, 2012

It's been to long!!

Well I haven't posted anything new in a while, I think it's because I usually post everything on Instagram or I'm just to lazy to get on here. I put some stuff up that I have been working on I hope you enjoy.. If you would like to get work done email me at craigfgardyan@ .. Thanks!!

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i will be attending the rchmond convention november 16th to 18th.. to make an appt. email me hope to see ya there!

New t shirt design coming soon!

Neck tattoo I got to do in London!

This one is really coming together should be finished in a couple of weeks!

I got to do this in London at the tattoo convention.. I had a great time over there I go back in February so if your over there let me know if you want some work..

This wild horse is on my good friend Ben. He is a trooper gets tattooed in hard spots.. Next is a tiger on his knee it will be posted soon!!

On Cait our front girl here at infamous tattoo in Delaware... Middletown

A drawn on flower on my buddy bens leg! Hope you like it!

Haven't posted in a few months so here it goes!! This is my friend robs arm, finally filling it in after too many years!