Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Peanut butter and jelly.. Not just a snack anymore


Mardi gras mama

This was done on a good man named nick! It's his mother back when she was a model. I am going to add more feathers around her one day in the near future. Valentine tattoo for ya cause it's in the shape of a heart and hearts have alot to do with valentines day for

Tired fox

Why so sleepy fox?.. Maybe because its valentines day and he is tired of his foxey lady... You ever think about that, about a lady tiring you out ? Cause it happens!!!

All seeing goat

If there was any type of animal that I wanted to help me with revelations and guidance I would want it to be a goat with ram horns! If you want this tattooed on you cause you feel the same way email me craigfgardyan@yahoo.com

Mr. Hank williams

Did this on Darnell .. He loves his hank!!! Nothing wrong with a little American country music! There's a tear in my beer, and a face on my arm ..

Monday, February 6, 2012

Almost completed

Rainforest sleeve only one more sitting and I will be done .. Sorry for the bad picture I will get professional ones after its complete!!! Elbow is swollen so it might look funny

Try and figure this out

Just added the lantern, drew it on free hand.. The bison is a couple months old although I did give it a thicker out line! getting closer to finishing the whole arm!!