Tuesday, January 25, 2011

platoon of roses i have been so lucky to do!!!

i was going through my grim files and saw all these pretty roses,
 so i wanted to lighten things up a bit.... take a gander
 go to draw this on with my favorite drawing pen,
did this next to a marilyn monroe i did a few weeks ago,
 took us 2 hours or more just to figure out what to put around it,
 after all that time we figured roses would be key!!
 this is the out come!!
 darnell again, nice little border around papa darnell,
 ill have pictures of the whole arm when we finish it
 one of my doodles that i forced this young lady into getting
 when i heard she wanted a rose on her tiny wrist haha
 figured i'de put this in with alll the roses,
 pretty sure i posted this aleady but its now part of the platoon!
rose on a hand, did this a while ago on an older fella,
 he had what i like to call "old skin" if ya know what i mean

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  1. thats my little seester's tiny little wristy good job craig i likee alot. -- Abby.